This morning  I met with a landscaper. Our main objective with landscaping this eco-friendly Shangri-La of ours is to keep everything as native as possible. Here’s why…native plants are adapted to soil and climate conditions of the area they are indigenous to. Native plants require no fertilizer and fewer pesticides. Native plants prevent erosion and require less water. Native plants promote biodiversity. Basically, native plants are BOSS. 

Here’s the funny part…

So the landscaper proposes this “no-mow” turf that prevents erosion (Environmental check and check). He seems like a nice guy. I like his ideas.  Then I say, “well…ideally, we would like to use as many native plants as possible”. “OK” he says…then proceeds to tell us (as we are having solar panels installed, mind you) “if you eventually decide to do away with the “no-mow” all you have to do is spray it with round-up”. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when my alter-ego showed up. This is what she said:

“Listen, the one thing we will NOT be doing, is spraying it with Round-up. I will be on my hands and knees pulling out individual blades of grass with my bare hands before I spray Round-up on my property.”

He didn’t get it. Did not even register. Round-up is the fall of man. You think I am being over-dramatic? Nope. I am serious as a heart attack. 

Round-up is glyphosate, a chemical created by Monsanto as a systemic herbicide for crops in the 1970’s. Since the introduction of Round-up, Monsanto also introduced genetically engineered crops to be used in conjunction with the glyphosate. GMOs people. GMOs. Round-up has recently been labeled as a likely carcinogen by the World Health Organization, while the European Food Safety Authority assessed glyphosate as likely to be genotoxic. For those of you still with me, genotoxic means it negatively affects DNA. 

Take your Round-Up as far away from me and my family as possible. But I do like your ideas.