Hi friends!

It’s been a really long time since I have blogged. And who can blame me? The Cubs just won the World Series!!! But in reality, that only accounts for like two weeks and lets be honest, I haven’t written in months. Let me just remind you all that I have kids x 3. That’s 3x’s the activities, 3x’s the meals (because no one could possibly eat the same dinner- has to be 3 separate dinners. Every. Single. Day.) 3x’s the laundry. Remember, when someone says “third time’s a charm” they are lying to you. Anyway…you get the idea. 

So, lots of big things have happened. Almost our entire exterior is finished- minus the front door which is being built in Honduras that is another 5 weeks out. The copper roof is up and shiny-like-a-penny. (For my OG readers that is the same copper roof that the HOA told me was the only acceptable metal we were allowed to use as roofing) 🙄. The solar panels are in, and really blend in with the roof quite nicely. The Tesla Powerwall is installed. Drywall is almost all up…all good things. 

Now is the time for colors…wall colors. 

I was an art major in college (don’t worry, I won’t let my kids make the same mistake, lesson learned). So here’s me…making color choices…it involves making a color wheel out of Sherwin Williams paint chips. Anyway…long story short, I tell my kids (two of the three because #3 can’t talk) that they can choose their room color. You know, as a consolation prize for having to move. Big mistake for any mom who has even a tinge of OCD. My son, bless him…picks the five most hideous colors from the paint store and brings them to me. “Which one?” I say. “All of them” he says. “One for each wall” he says. 

No. So much No. He settled on one wall being blue. Crisis averted. 

My daughter…she is loud. He voice is loud, she walks loud, she closes doors loud, brushes her teeth loud. Naturally, her room color choice is also LOUD. 

This basically glows like radioactive goo from the Simpsons. “Hey, maybe we want to go lighter? Just a smidge?” Then my loud daughter says…”you know what mom? I think I want wall paper.” Smh. 

Ok…let’s find some…

Choice one: 

Ok…cool. One wall of this is doable. Until I see that it is $300 for a roll of 105 sq. ft. We need 130 sq.ft. for her wall. So, “honey, I love you…but NO.” 

Choice two:

This one is $226 for 130 sq. ft. Sold! Let’s just quietly hope that when she gets to be a teen, she doesn’t deface the butterflies in a fit of angst and parent-loathing. 

Ok- how do paint colors relate to green living? The colors don’t. But the paint does. 

Old school paint is a huge environmental offender. It contains upwards of 10,000 chemicals, hundreds of toxins and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s release Ozone. Ozone is bad for the environment. Paint is the number two highest VOC emmitter- ranked second to automobiles. Thus, the low VOC or No VOC paint was developed. 

Enter Green Seal, Green Guard and Green Sure  paints. Paint labeled with these  “Green” logos are held to a higher environmental standard and must meet performance requirements. 

Moral of the story- buy low VOC paint- no matter what the color is.