Today is cold. Real feel -20. The day when the garage pop explodes, black ice takes down many unsuspecting school children at the bus stop and Elsa is outside singing Disney ballads. Today seems like a good day to visit our construction site!

As of today- the exterior is 95% done. The missing 5% is the front door and the gutters(I don’t know if my percentages are a proper representation…just go with it). 

The interior is chugging along…like a steam train that gets going, but has to slow down for the damsel in distress, tied to the tracks. We have walls, most of the floors, paint has been selected, lights are on standby, trim is going up and cabinets are going in. But no…cabinets ARE the damsel. You would think that plans and drawings and measurements and meetings would prevent problems, but you would be wrong. We went with a cabinet company that we have worked with before. Even when our builder offered to build them himself. But we said “no, we have a guy”. Well, so far we have had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different issues with the damn cabinets. Don’t get me wrong, they are really nice cabinets. I just know they are gonna end up being the only thing standing in the way of our move-in date. Without cabinets, you can’t measure for counters.  But, if cabinets are the only thing- let it be cabinets. 

Now all we have to do is sell our current house (wanna buy it?). It’s a nice house- our first home. I remember when we moved in how I thought we would never be able to fill it. I thought it was so big. Then we added 3 kids and a Labrador. Seemingly overnight, we were bursting at the seems. We added storage in every possible nook and cranny- and still felt like we were on top of each other. Our issue is not space, it’s layout. 

We’re a cooking family. A family that invites you over to cook for you- we have a deli slicer and a mosaic tiled Komodo grill for crying-out-loud. That’s our thing. It’s what we do. 

Our kids spend 80% of their time in the kitchen, snacking. So. Many. Snacks. The baby doesn’t play with toys- she plays with pots, cereal, cans, onions (she thinks peeling the loose skin off onions is everything) and chairs- because you haven’t lived until you have pushed all of the kitchen chairs around!  

Bottom line- our kitchen is the “end-all-be-all” in our life. The new house, it revolves around the kitchen and I cannot wait for that. But wait we shall. 

Here’s some pictures to tide us over…