We are officially residing in our new home! Let me just say, moving is for the birds. Even with a hired moving crew it’s brutal. 12 years of stuff doesn’t seem like a lot, until you actually see all of the crap that has accumulated. Oh the things I found while packing! Number of salt and pepper shakers one can own…well? (8, the answer is 8, as in “sets”) Also, not surprising at all- apparently, I have a thing for decorative dish towels. Who knew? Bar glasses? We have OVER 100. Just a stupid amount of dishes if you ask me.  But my favorite “find” during our whole packing process was the glow-in-the-dark constellations that I had put up for my oldest (who is now 9) when she had a big thing for constellations (at age 3). We had forgotten all about them. Mostly, because once her brother was born, we had to move her to the opposite side of her bedroom. Bless her, but she is completely oblivious to the amount of noise she makes. So…for 6 years the stars weren’t close enough to a lamp to be able to charge their glow magic. Needless to say, when I rediscovered them, I balled like an episode of This is Us. As much as I wanted to leave that house, it was so much a part of our story. 

O.k., moment over. Things I learned about moving…

1. It is the WORST. 

2. Your hands will come out looking like you just did a week fully exposed to the elements. 

3. Your back will hurt everyday for, well… forever. 

4. Must PURGE before packing.

5. Do NOT throw anything reusable away. Take it to the thrift shop or donate to a shelter. I know…it’s so much easier to throw it in a plastic, whale-killing, garbage bag and get curbside pick-up. But, human WASTE (and no-not that kind of waste) from consumer goods, particularly textiles, occupies about 5% of a landfill’s total space. The average consumer discards approximately 70lbs of textiles annually.  That’s some pretty heavy stuff to think about…literally. 

6. Make a lot of friends beforehand and then invite them over. Because DAMN it’s a lot of work for one person.